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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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“You’re fat, lose some weight ya” “Arey dekho, moti aa rahi hai”
“You would have looked more beautiful if you lost 10-12 kgs” “Omg, so slim! Kuch khaati peeti nahi ho kya?”

And this list can go on.

These phrases above are just some of which I hear every now and then. For myself, and others. I’m sure that there are many people on my feed who hear this very often. This is the concept of “BODY SHAMING”

What is Body Shaming?

It means you criticize a person, or judge a person on their looks in a manner which is demeaning. Judging them, passing comments or even comparing their appearance to someone else’s in a way such as mocking them is called Body Shaming. You can do it while they’re in front of you, or you can do it without their knowledge – it does not matter.

A lot of times it happens that a person is not self-confident, and they end up body shaming themselves by criticizing their own self or their features in the presence of others. We don’t realize how easily we miss out on this way of Body Shaming and its side effects.

Ek simple baat, kyu kisi ko uski body ke vajah se itna bolna?

Maybe we need to realize that a person is already struggling with some kind of an issue, which we can’t see. I agree that obese hona ya extremely slim hona healthy nahi hota hai and it takes a toll on our lifestyle.

But kya yeh sab cheese hamesha humare control mein hoti hai?

We have to think deeper that maybe there are underlying health conditions such as Thyroid, PCOS, Anorexia, Clinical depression. There are many more reasons, but we don’t think too often about them, because it is someone else and not us right? The least we can do is listen to them or their issues if we cannot help them and please NOT BODY SHAME THEM.

How can the BODY SHAMED fight this?

  1. Try to figure out the reason why you’re going through this. Dusre logo ki baatein should be the last of your worries, however if it is something you want to overcome and you’re not happy about your appearance, figure out a way!

  2. You can confront the people passing comments on you. Fight your way back and that could help them realize right and wrong.

  3. Find and list as many things or qualities that you LOVE about yourself. Trust me guys, sab ke paas itna kuch hota hai to love about themselves. It’ll overpower the negatives.

  4. Always make a point to put and love yourself FIRST and then others.

  5. Be nice to all, open up with the ones that listen to you. Being a good person at heart will get you above the ones who try to put you down.

  6. Note down your goals, ad work hard towards them. No matter how big or small your goals may seem.

  7. And most important – No matter what people say, you are beautiful. If you feel beautiful, no one can make you feel otherwise.

All we need is a little bit of love and support to overcome this issue.

If there is anything you would like to add to these, or any essential points you think I’ve missed, then please feel free to comment or connect with me.



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